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Giving To Joel Jackson Ministries

My band and I put on concerts regularly at churches, venues, and even public high schools where we tell people that Jesus is the answer to every problem in their lives. The logistics of being able to tell that message  through music ministry in America can be very complicated. It unfortunately requires a monetary cost that can range from relatively cheap to very expensive. We usually have a crew of 11 people that we have to feed and drive to these venues and we have had to turn down many places in the past because of the cost of Gas, food, etc.... We have so many costs that end up going into our ministry and it's why we have opened up a giving page.


Your funds help us be able to travel to places that we normally wouldn't be able to travel to because of the high cost of putting on a concert in America.

How Your Gift Helps

What Your Gift Does

We are able to tell people who attend a smaller church that may be farther away from us that Jesus is the answer to their problems. We normally would have to turn this type of concert down but your gift helps to cover the gas and food cost to bring our crew out.


Online Marketing

We also use your gifts to help us purchase ads for our music to go on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and Television. We purchase ads because it puts our music in front of people who would normally never hear what we are doing because they haven't found our page yet. Your gift helps them find our page which leads them to the hope of Jesus. 

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